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Our Company

The Memory Works mission is two-fold:

1. To bridge technological and theatrical innovation.
2. To make engaging, accessible, and affordable theatre.

We imagine a world where people attend theatre with the same fervor with which they keep up with their favorite movies and at a similar cost. There is transportive technology already in existence being criminally underused in theatre: interactive and responsive projections, augmented reality, live motion-cap, incorporating the audience during a show through mobile apps or their cellphone cameras.  New tech and new applications of existing tech will mean we are constantly changing the way we create and interact with theatre.  

Artistic Director

Ethan Steers is a director and writer with a BA in Theatre and Performance from Purchase College. He has assisted on shows at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey with Brian B. Crowe as well as with Beth Morrison Productions under the direction of Obie-Award Winner Rachel Dickstein. When not directing, he works as a novelist out of Brooklyn.

Managing Director

Jeff Weisz is an actor, playwright, and musician with a BA in Playwriting and Theatre Arts from Purchase College. When not acting and writing he moonlights as lead guitarist of Long Island based rock band, The Big Happy, builds sets and props, and teaches Hebrew School.

Director of Production

Kevin Downing is a digital media designer and theatrical stagehand with a passion for developing technology.  Since earning his degree from Purchase, he's designed Off-Broadway, worked internationally, and been hired as a video technician with Sound Associates Inc.